California's Homekey Initiative Adds 369 Homes for Homeless

Governor Newsom announces six new Homekey projects to create 369 affordable homes across California, including Oakland, Fresno, and Los Angeles.

Governor Newsom's Initiative to Combat Homelessness

The $99.9 million initiative aims to convert hotels and other buildings into dwellings for the homeless, boosting California's efforts to provide shelter.

Transforming Hotels into Homes

These projects focus on the young and chronically homeless, offering immediate shelter and paving the way for long-term stability, according to officials.

Focus on Long-Term Stability

Communities set to benefit include Oakland, Fresno, San Diego, Yuba City, and Los Angeles, with Homekey evolving from Project Roomkey.

Expanding Impact Across Communities

Secretary Tomiquia Moss highlights the transformative impact of these developments on over 167,000 Californians grappling with housing insecurity.

Changing Lives for Generations

The Homekey initiative creatively converts existing structures like hotels to meet urgent housing needs, funding a total of 250 projects encompassing 15,319 homes.

Creative Solutions to Housing Needs

Oakland welcomes a former Quality Inn into the fold with a $20.4 million award, transitioning it into 104 permanent dwellings.

Oakland's Contribution to the Initiative

Cities, non-profits, and community partners collaborate to address homelessness, exemplified by projects like the Oak Tree Inn in Los Angeles and others across California.

Collaboration for a Greater Causet