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India’s ‘Astrashakti’ Showcases Unprecedented Capability as ‘Akash’ Engages Four Targets Simultaneously

India’s advancement in defense technology, showcased through the Akash missile system’s simultaneous engagement of four targets during Exercise Astrashakti 2023, signifies a pivotal achievement in military capabilities and global arms trade.

India's 'Astrashakti' Showcases Unprecedented Capability as 'Akash' Engages Four Targets Simultaneously

India has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in military capability by demonstrating its proficiency in engaging four targets simultaneously with a single firing unit of the Akash surface-to-air missile system. The remarkable display took place during Exercise Astrashakti 2023 at the Suryalanka Air Force Station on December 12, marking a historic achievement for the country’s defense capabilities.

The successful demonstration showcased the firepower of the indigenous Akash missile system, where a single Akash firing unit engaged four unmanned aerial targets concurrently. This significant accomplishment underscores India’s prowess in advanced defense technology and military strategy.

During the exercise, officials revealed that the Akash surface-to-air missile system adeptly split four targets approaching from the same direction, maneuvering to assail defense assets from multiple angles simultaneously. The exercise exemplified the strategic advantage of employing the ‘Astrashakti,’ emphasizing the power of weapons deployed from a distance.

According to reports from defense officials, the Akash firing unit utilized sophisticated components such as the Firing Level Radar (FLR), Firing Control Centre (FCC), and two Akash Air Force Launcher (AAFL) launchers equipped with five armed missiles. The targets were precisely assigned to the Akash Firing Unit for neutralization, and the system showcased its capability by successfully engaging all four targets at their maximum range of approximately 30 kilometers.

This demonstration carries immense significance, especially in India’s efforts to enhance its position in the global arms market. Despite historically being a significant arms importer, India has made determined strides in recent years to shift towards exporting domestically manufactured weapons. Initiatives like the export deal of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile to the Philippines in 2022 and ongoing negotiations with multiple countries for further exports reflect India’s ambitions in the global arms trade.

The Akash Weapon System stands as a testament to India’s indigenous defense capabilities, developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and produced in collaboration with defense public sector units and other industries. Deployed by both the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army for over a decade, the Akash missile system embodies technological innovation and strategic defense implementation.

In a move to inspire and engage the younger generation in defense research and development, DRDO Chief Dr. Samir Kamat inaugurated a replica of the Akash missile at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai. This gesture aims to encourage aspiring minds towards contributing to the country’s defense technology advancements.

India’s successful demonstration of the Akash missile system during Exercise Astrashakti not only cements its defense capabilities but also positions the country as a formidable player in the global defense export market, showcasing its indigenous technological prowess on an international platform.

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India's 'Astrashakti' Showcases Unprecedented Capability as 'Akash' Engages Four Targets Simultaneously
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