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Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ Arrested: Spiritual Leader Faces Rape and Abduction Charges

Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’, Ram Bahadur Bomjon, faces legal turmoil over sexual assault allegations and links to missing followers. The arrest sparks debates on his influence within the Buddhist community

Nepal's 'Buddha Boy' Arrested

Kathmandu, Nepal – Ram Bahadur Bomjon, widely known as ‘Buddha Boy,’ was apprehended by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal on charges of sexual assault, including the rape of a minor, and suspected involvement in the disappearance of followers from his camps. The 33-year-old guru, once celebrated for his claimed ability to meditate for extended periods without sustenance, was captured in Kathmandu after attempting to escape through a window.

Bomjon, believed by some to be the reincarnation of Buddha, gained international attention in 2005 for his extraordinary feats of meditation, drawing over 100,000 people to the dense forests of southeastern Nepal. Despite his fame, Bomjon has faced longstanding accusations of physical and sexual abuse, with the recent arrest shedding light on his controversial practices.

The arrest occurred at a residence on the outskirts of Kathmandu, where CIB officials seized a significant amount of Nepalese and foreign currency. Bomjon’s arrest reignites a contentious chapter in his history, marked by assault complaints in 2010 and a rape accusation by an 18-year-old nun in 2018. The subsequent investigation into the disappearance of four devotees in 2019 added to the ongoing legal challenges.

Bomjon, now in police custody, is set to face legal proceedings in Sarlahi district court, where an arrest warrant had been issued. The arrest has sparked strong reactions from supporters, leading to gatherings outside the CIB offices, revealing the divisive nature of his influence within the Buddhist community.

As Buddhism’s historical roots trace back to 500 B.C. in India, Bomjon’s case raises questions about the contemporary narrative of this ancient religion. The controversial spiritual leader’s arrest prompts a reevaluation of his impact and practices, highlighting the ongoing tension between his devoted followers and the allegations of misconduct that have surrounded him for more than a decade.

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Nepal's 'Buddha Boy' Arrested: Spiritual Leader Faces Rape and Abduction Charges
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