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About Us

I am Kelpark, and I would like to refer to myself as a jack of all trades. I have worked in different fields at different age levels. I started my career in textile making and then turned to be a medical transcriptionist. Now I am working as a financial advisor for a reputed company. Meanwhile, I got opportunities to work in industries like food processing, software development, multimedia, and other odd jobs. So I have earned a pretty much experience and knowledge in various fields.

I have been keeping my passion for writing throughout these years. So I decided to share all the experience and knowledge I earned so far with others. Hence, the website came into existence. I like to write preferably on lifestyles, technological advancement, science, and information technology. I believe that one should be honest and committed to whatever one does. So I will try to bring you only the piece of information that is reliable to the best of my knowledge.

Welcome visitors! We know we are liable to provide you with reliable information at the earliest possible. But at the same time, we assert that whatever we upload here is just for information and educational purposes, and it is strictly not a substitute for professional advice. Before taking any action, you must take advice or consult professional advisors related to a particular field. We are not responsible for any profit, loss, or harm caused to you by any means. Our website operates under a code of conduct to encourage welcoming, diverse, and inclusive integrity and to discourage harassment.

Our website visitors- you are our real strength, and we value your great support and suggestions.