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Google Brings WhatsApp-Like Real-Time Location Sharing on Google Maps

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere! Learn how to share your live location effortlessly with Google Maps’ new feature, similar to WhatsApp’s real-time location sharing, ensuring hassle-free navigation and connection.

Real-Time Location Sharing on Google Maps

Google Maps has introduced a Real-Time Location Sharing as in WhatsApp, aiming to bolster connectivity among Android users. This addition streamlines the process of sharing live locations within the native Android environment, eliminating the necessity for external applications.

This user-friendly feature allows individuals to seamlessly share their current locations or opt for continuous sharing with added flexibility in choosing specific durations. The setup process involves users mutually adding each other as friends on Google, after which a ‘share location’ button becomes accessible within a friend’s profile.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Real-Time Location Sharing on Google Maps:

  • Access the Google Maps app on your Android device and ensure you’re logged in with your Google account.
  • Navigate to the menu icon or search for your contact’s name in the search bar.
  • Select the desired contact from your Google contacts list.
  • Within their profile, locate and tap the ‘Share location’ option.
  • Choose the duration for sharing: specific time or indefinite.
  • Confirm your selection to initiate real-time location sharing.
  • To stop sharing, revisit the contact’s info and select ‘Stop sharing’ or adjust the sharing duration.

Notably, Google’s approach to privacy now allows users the option of local storage for map information instead of relying solely on cloud-based storage, providing users with greater control over their personal data.

This feature embodies Google’s commitment to user privacy and autonomy. Beyond enhancing connectivity, it underscores the tech giant’s dedication to safeguarding user information and empowering individuals to manage its usage effectively.

Google Maps continues to evolve, catering to user needs by integrating convenient features while prioritizing user privacy, making it a more secure and personalized experience for all users.

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Google Brings WhatsApp-Like Real-Time Location Sharing on Google Maps
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