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Over 4.8 Lakh Biryani Orders in One Night! Inside Swiggy’s New Year’s Eve Feast

Unveiling the New Year’s Eve culinary extravaganza: Over 4.8 lakh biryanis ordered on Swiggy! Dive into the record-breaking feast and unique trends that marked the celebration.

Over 4.8 Lakh Biryani Orders

As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, an unprecedented culinary frenzy unfolded across India, marked by a staggering surge in biryani orders through Swiggy, one of the nation’s leading food delivery platforms. The numbers revealed an astonishing revelation of over 4.8 lakh biryanis ordered, encapsulating the vibrant celebratory spirit of the occasion. This unique report encapsulates the culinary extravaganza that unfolded during the eve of 2024, showcasing the monumental surge in orders, trends, and a record-breaking peak in Swiggy’s services.

Sources from within Swiggy unveiled that during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the platform experienced an astounding peak of 1,244 units of biryani ordered every minute, creating an unprecedented surge in demand. Notably, nearly one in every four biryani orders originated from Hyderabad, underscoring the city’s undying love for this aromatic delight. This surge eclipsed previous records, including the monumental 2023 Cricket World Cup final, exemplifying the fervor that gripped the nation.

Swiggy Instamart’s Remarkable Rise

In parallel to the monumental biryani orders, Swiggy Instamart, the platform catering to groceries and home essentials, witnessed a remarkable upsurge. Exceeding all expectations, it surpassed its previous record high by 1.6 times, set during the 2023 Cricket World Cup final on November 19. The evening witnessed both Swiggy’s food delivery and Instamart services scaling new heights, eclipsing the benchmarks set in the previous year.

Surpassing Previous Records

Comparatively, Swiggy’s performance during New Year’s Eve ’24 outshone its achievements from the previous year. In 2023, the platform delivered 3.50 lakh biryani orders and dispatched over 2.5 lakh pizzas during the same period. The exponential rise in orders this year marks an exceptional milestone, setting an unprecedented benchmark for the food delivery industry.

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Food Marketplace at Swiggy, expressed jubilation, stating, “New Year’s Eve ’24 broke all records across Swiggy Food and Instamart! With the team at the stroke of midnight – could not be happier.” Additionally, the Swiggy app reported that almost a million users were active in the last hour, surpassing the anticipated surge in user engagement, and amusingly noted, “That’s more than the number of people who will join the gym starting tomorrow.”

Unique Trends: Culinary Revelry Beyond Biryani

Interestingly, beyond the surge in biryani orders, Swiggy Instamart revealed a distinct trend in consumer behavior. Notably, orders for condoms peaked at an astonishing rate of 1,722 condoms per hour in the morning, reflecting the diversity of preferences observed during the festive occasion.

The New Year’s Eve celebration on Swiggy was nothing short of a culinary spectacle, witnessing an unprecedented surge in biryani orders and setting new records across both food delivery and Instamart services. The overwhelming response signifies the platform’s integral role in catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of the celebratory spirit that reverberates throughout the nation on such occasions. As the curtains drew on 2023 and the world welcomed 2024, Swiggy’s exceptional performance illuminated the significance of food and festive indulgence in India’s cultural tapestry.

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Over 4.8 Lakh Biryani Orders in One Night! Inside Swiggy's New Year's Eve Feast
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