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Gujarat introduces pioneering submarine tours to reveal the lost city of Dwarka.

Explore the mystical depths of Dwarka’s submerged heritage through an unprecedented submarine tourism experience, set to unveil ancient marvels beneath the sea. Gujarat introduces pioneering submarine tours to reveal the lost city of Dwarka.

Submarine Tourism Dwarka

The Gujarat government is all set to launch an unprecedented venture in the realm of tourism, introducing an extraordinary submarine service for tourists. This groundbreaking initiative aims to unravel the mysteries of Dwarka, an ancient city steeped in legend and believed to lie submerged beneath the sea.

In a landmark move, the state government has partnered with Mazgaon Dock shipbuilders to spearhead this visionary project in Dwarka, a city revered for its cultural significance as the legendary abode of Lord Krishna.

This trailblazing endeavor marks India’s debut in underwater tourism, with plans to commence operations before the festive season of Diwali in October 2024.

The proposed submarine tours will descend 100 meters below the sea, offering tourists a captivating glimpse into the mesmerizing underwater world and marine life. Each submarine, accompanied by two skilled pilots and a proficient crew, will accommodate 24 visitors, ensuring an immersive experience with specially designed windows for all passengers.

The government envisions this submarine facility as a catalyst to enhance Dwarka’s tourism appeal, leveraging its status as a prominent pilgrimage site that magnetizes numerous devotees daily.

Saurabh Pardhi, the Managing Director of Gujarat Tourism, emphasized the distinctive nature of this project in an interview with India Today TV, expressing optimism about its potential to significantly elevate tourism in the city.

The primary objective is to enrich Gujarat’s tourism landscape and provide enhanced amenities for visitors to religious destinations, prioritizing utmost safety for passengers throughout the submarine excursion.

This pioneering initiative promises an enthralling voyage for tourists, ferrying them to the depths of the Arabian Sea near Dwarka, showcasing the submerged remnants of the ancient city. The planned journey spans two hours, enabling travelers to witness the splendor of Dwarka’s underwater marvels firsthand.

The project includes arrangements for 24 tourists, 2 pilots, a guide, and a technician on board. A dedicated jetty near Bet Dwarka is slated for construction to facilitate submarine operations.

The imminent introduction of submarine tourism aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to promote Dwarka as a premier tourist destination. Other projects, including the completion of a bridge connecting Devbhoomi Dwarka to Dwarka Island, underscore the government’s commitment to boosting tourism in the region.

This groundbreaking initiative echoes a broader trend of revitalizing cultural landmarks across India, akin to the Vishwanath Dham corridor in Kashi, aimed at facilitating seamless exploration for devotees and tourists.

The proposed submarine tours in Dwarka signify a remarkable step towards unraveling the historical legacy submerged beneath the ocean depths. Once operational, this venture is poised to redefine tourism in Gujarat and shed light on the undiscovered potential within the state’s tourism sector.

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Gujarat introduces pioneering submarine tours to reveal the lost city of Dwarka.
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