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Reverse Diabetes, Lose Weight- Follow Low Carbs and High Fiber Food Diet

I am Kelpark, 48 years of age. What I’m going to share here is based on my own experience. I’m 100% sure it would be a life-changing step for those suffering from Type-2 diabetes, those who want to lose weight, or those who want a healthy body and healthy life. Yes, friends, it’s true that types-2 diabetes is reversible without any medicine and we can also lose weight by changing our current food habits and lifestyle. Because it’s a lifestyle-related disease. First of all, let me share how it happened in my life.

I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.
Diabetes Test

It was one year ago that I had to visit a dentist following one of my teeth was found loosened from its socket without any visible reason. There I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. The doctor said diabetes is the reason for loosening my tooth. He suggested some medicines. But I didn’t want to take any medicine. My thought was how I could get rid of it without any medicines. Then I jumped into Google and YouTube, the pool of information, where I spent hours and days. There I got a lot of knowledge regarding my disease. After days of research, I came to a conclusion that

  • It’s a lifestyle-related disease.
  • It is reversible. 
  • High Carbohydrates and low fiber food intakes and lack of exercise are the key reasons.
I decided to abstain from all those high carbs food.

So friends, first it starts from our kitchen itself. So, I decided to go for a low-carb and high-fiber diet. And also started half an hour walk daily in the morning. I completely avoided sugar, sugared food, sugared drinks, grains, milk and milk products, edible oils, etc.  I took only vegetables (cooked and raw), pulses, lentils, beans, oatmeal, and occasionally certain fruits like apples, guava, etc. 

Surprisingly, it worked! What we eat is what we are.
ideal meals for diabetic

To my surprise, after 2 weeks my blood sugar level came under control and it came within the normal range. Fasting sugar 110 and post-meal sugar 130.  And also I lost weight from 85 kg to 72 kg as a result of a strict diet. I continued it for 6 months.  In meantime, I checked and monitored the blood sugar level many times and by the end of six months, it was 98  (fasting) and 122 (post-meal). After that, I started to include a few quantities of grains like rice and a small quantity of edible oils like coconut oil or olive oil.  I still do not take any sugared food or drink, but take it occasionally. 

I am free from diabetes.

Now I’m free of diabetes, that too without any medicines.   If the quantity of food I take now is divided into 4 portions, 1 portion is always any grains (no wheat) and the rest 3 portions include vegetables, leaves, pulses, lentils, beans… that’s it.  To achieve the targeted body weight, we can increase or decrease the quantity of food in the above-said proportion. But the food must be low in carbs and high in fiber, which is the key point to be followed.

Friends, this is my experience, and this way you can too keep your body healthy and get rid of being overweight, having diabetes, or any lifestyle-related diseases… 100% sure!! But what is needed from your side is determination.

What diets to be followed?

Being a vegan I followed only a veg food diet. You can have certain non-veg food also.  Please, don’t get confused with how to and what to prepare. People from different countries prepare foods differently. So, I don’t include here the recipes that I adopted because it is not necessary that you like them. I suggest you just google for the right ones that suit your taste. There are many many recipes readily available on the net. What you should take care of is that the food recipes you choose must be of low carbs and high fiber, which is the key point.

Wish you all a speedy recovery from diabetes!

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