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Tragedy Strikes UNLV Campus: Three Killed, One Injured in Shooting Rampage

” The tragic incident unfolded at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) campus, where a former college professor carried out a shooting rampage resulting in three fatalities and one person sustaining critical injuries. The incident prompted the closure of UNLV and other educational institutions within the Southern Nevada System of Higher Education. “

Las Vegas university shooting

On Wednesday afternoon, a tragic shooting unfolded at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) campus, resulting in the loss of three lives and injuring one individual. The assailant, reported to be a former college professor described as a white male in his sixties, engaged in gunfire on the campus premises, specifically targeting Beam Hall before law enforcement neutralized the threat.

The shooting commenced around 11:45 a.m. local time at Beam Hall’s fourth floor, subsequently spreading to other sections within the building. Swift responses from both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and UNLV’s law enforcement teams contained the situation, culminating in the shooter’s demise.

Police officers acted promptly, engaging the suspect in a firefight, thereby preventing further harm to the campus community. While three individuals lost their lives and one person sustained critical injuries, four others were admitted to medical facilities for panic attacks. Two officers incurred minor injuries during the search for victims and the shooter.

UNLV, along with other institutions under the Southern Nevada System of Higher Education, remained closed for the day post the tragic incident. Emergency protocols were activated, urging students to adhere to safety measures like “RUN-HIDE-FIGHT,” a standard protocol during active shooter situations. The emotional toll on students was evident, drawing parallels to previous tragedies, notably the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Public figures, including President Joe Biden, conveyed their condolences and solidarity with the affected community. Local authorities, such as the Las Vegas mayor and Nevada’s Governor, pledged continued support and collaboration with law enforcement, including the FBI and ATF, in the ongoing investigation. Support services and a family reunification center were established to aid those impacted by the incident.

Campus Closure and Continued Investigation:

In response to the shooting, UNLV announced the suspension of campus activities for the remainder of the week. A comprehensive investigation involving local and federal law enforcement agencies is underway to ascertain the motive behind the attack and gather further details concerning the tragic event.

The UNLV campus shooting prompted a swift and comprehensive response from law enforcement and the community, resulting in the closure of the campus and ongoing efforts to uncover the motives and circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

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Tragedy Strikes UNLV Campus: Three Killed, One Injured in Shooting Rampage
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